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Innov8 Enables 50% Growth at leading Polyethylene Pipe Manufacturer - Endot Industries


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OpenEdge Platform Enables Innov8 Computer Solutions to Quickly Transition Data and Build Customized ERP in Just Six Months, Helping Customer Service and Revenue Flow at Endot Industries 

BEDFORD, Mass. - September 23, 2003 - The Progress Company, an operating unit of Progress Software Corporation (Nasdaq: PRGS), and a leading supplier of technology for building the world's best business applications, today announced that Endot Industries, a leading manufacturer of polyethylene pipe, has selected the Progress OpenEdge platform as the basis for their mission-critical ERP system. Progress Application Partner Innov8 Computer Solutions, a leading provider of business and manufacturing solutions for small to mid-sized companies, was able to work with Endot to quickly transition their existing data to the Progress database, the leading embedded database at the core of the Progress OpenEdge platform. Using OpenEdge, Endot developed an application tailored to the manufacture of water, fiber optic duct and innerduct polyethylene piping in just six months. The resulting system has enabled Endot to cut order turn-around time in half, add several new manufacturing sites, improve customer service, and increase revenue by fifty percent. 
For more than 30 years, Endot Industries has been a family owned and operated business. Upon the recent departure of the company's in-house programmer and the only person who understood the complex, custom built DOS applications in place, Endot was forced to start looking at new packaged applications. They needed an application that could handle the complexities of their industry and one that was more in line with the company's direction and growth. Endot scrambled to find a system that could replace their existing technology without disrupting their business and found that there were few applications available on the market that suited their needs. 
"I am not a technology person, and here I was shopping for an application that I was banking the family business on," says Jennifer Marin, president of Endot Industries, Inc. "Anything off the shelf just didn't work for us because it was geared towards assembly manufacturing which relies on components and in-process inventories. Polyethylene isn't measured that way. Polyethylene piping uses an extrusion process and is typically measured in feet and/or pounds. Unfortunately, none of the packaged applications on the market could account for these differences. The functionality was far more than we needed and more importantly, the applications just weren't relevant to our business." 
After looking at several different technology offerings, Endot realized that the Progress database at the core of the OpenEdge platform was one of the few databases that would allow the company to transition existing information with relative ease. During the company's search they also came across StepUp Accounting, a back office module developed by Innov8 Computer Solutions that met their needs. Endot quickly recognized that the OpenEdge platform provided them with all the tools they needed to develop the functionality key to their business. 
"As a service-oriented company, we sell a commodity--so it isn't price that really sells our customers," Marin says. "Being able to turn around orders and customer requests quickly and efficiently while providing the highest level of service is how we can keep our customers satisfied with their experience. With our new application, Endot Industries has been able to cut data entry and turn around time in half, placing us well ahead of our competitors. In an industry such as ours, this type of differentiator makes a considerable difference." 
Working with Innov8, Endot had an application tailored to their unique business requirements in just six months, tightly integrating their manufacturing and back office systems. 
"With the system Innov8 developed for Endot Industries, they now have cutting edge technology and the confidence in their system they need to allow them to meet or exceed their customers demands as they continue to grow," says Geoff Crawford, president of Innov8 Computer Solutions, LLC. "The company now moves 15 million pounds of product to retail customers from four locations instead of two. Whether they have five or fifty sites tomorrow, they are ready." 
"Progress Software, working with partners such as Innov8 Computer Solutions, helps companies around the world lower costs, increase revenues and achieve competitive advantage in their industries," said Dave Ireland, president of the Progress Company. "The success achieved by Endot Industries demonstrates that by delivering quality solutions that fit the exact business needs of our customers, we help them achieve superb results in their business and their particular industry." 
About Endot Industries
Endot has been producing HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) water pipe and fiber optic conduit since 1973. Starting with one plant and one extruder in New Jersey, Endot now has four manufacturing facilities and 29 extruders. Endot was founded by Gary and Todne Wellmann and is still owned and operated by the Wellmann family. Today Endot is one of the largest small diameter water pipe producers in America and a leading producer of specialized conduit for fiber optic cables. For more information on Endot Industries, please visit www.endot.com. 
About Innov8 Computer Solutions, LLC
Innov8 Computer Solutions, LLC brings unparalleled growth to small and medium business through its StepUp Accounting and ProcessWare™ ERP products. For more information about Innov8, please visit www.innov8cs.com. 
About the Progress Company
The Progress Company simplifies the development, deployment, integration, and management of the world's best business applications. Progress and its 2,000 Application Partners offer more than 5,000 Progress-based business applications that precisely fit customer needs and deliver competitive advantage. Customers purchase more than $5 billion annually in cost-effective software and services from Progress and its partners. 
Progress® OpenEdge™ platform enables its partners to deliver lowest cost-of-ownership applications that are rapidly implemented and easily integrated within and across the extended enterprise. The Progress Company is an operating unit of Progress Software Corporation (Nasdaq: PRGS), headquartered in Bedford, MA and may be reached at www.progress.com or +1-781-280-4000. 
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